Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WWDC 2012: Facebook and brand new maps in iOS 6

As expected, Apple showed how it will look like a new version of mobile operating system: iOS sixth We find in him a total of up to 200 amendments, including the long-awaited integration of Facebook.

What changes occur in the next upgrade?
1. Siri

2. Integration with Facebook

A year ago, Apple announced that iOS 5 will be integrated with Twitter. It consists in the fact that the level of various applications (eg photos) may be sent directly tosite content mikroblogowyThe integration with Facebook will be based on similar principles.

Facebook will be attached to the contacts and calendar (you will see in it, for example, birthdays of friends), and a notification appears on the "Send toFacebook" and "Send to Twitter". Friends will also be able to see what kind ofapps from AppStore liked.

Third FaceTime also by 3G

FaceTime, the video calls, up to now can be done only via WiFi. In iOS 6 will alsobe talking over the mobile network.

4th mail

The selected contacts can be listed as "VIP". E-mails from such people will fall into a separate folder (also called "VIP"), and thus have become more visible. Finally,you are also an option to easily paste pictures and videos for the content of emails.

5th Photos

The new IOS feature appears in the Shared Photo Streams, the option to share photos with friends. Sounds like a Facebook option? Perhaps, but it does not. It will rely on the fact that the album (or selected photos) can be made available to selected contacts. When you activate this feature, photos will automatically appear on their devices with IOS in iPhoto or Aperture on a Mac and Apple TV.
6th Auto answer and do not interfere
You can not pick up the phone? In iOS 6 appears to send automatic replies like "I'm in a meeting, call back." This solution, known from other mobile operating systems, in the end will also iPhones. You will be also the "Do Not Disturb," which will rely on the fact that we can turn off all notifications for a given time (eg at night). During this time, messages or calls can come to us, but the phone will not inform us about them.
7th Brand new maps and a partial divorce from Google

Google still remains on IOS devices in the form of, inter alia, the search engine, but will no longer be the default provider of application maps. Apple will be the same. Purchased by the company three companies involved in making map permitted the creation of an alternative solution. The new application has built-Map navigation feature and the ability to browse cities and buildings in 3D.Appear to be also an option to show the traffic in real time.
8th Lost phone
The IOS has long been the "Find the iPhone." But now there is a new option - "lost phone". If you lose, you can send a contact number for him and lucky finder will be able to immediately call back. World of Apple probably really is pink and filled with people of good will.
In total, six receive iOS 200 fixes and new features. Looks great - the software has already went into the hands of developers - they have several months to prepare for a new iPhone application, which is due out in autumn, along with the release of IOS 6th Software will then on the version of 3G iPhones Up, iPad 2 and 3, the iPod touch. Apple points out, however, that not all of these features will be available on all devices. We do not expect, for example, to Siri went on iPhone 3Gs.

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