Friday, 1 June 2012


It is said that Internet Explorer could serve as a sieve to pasta, Firefox, it seems suspicious, because in the end apparently red is false. Maybe it's because Facebook makers visionary gaze fell on the Opera browser.

Portal Pocket-lint reported unofficial information, to the effect that Mark Zuckerberg is interested in taking over the popular browser. Opera currently offers a number of additions and extensions, improvements to a user in virtual space.

Download videos from YouTube or what social network users may appreciate the most, which is easy to use Facebook accounts. The creators of the Opera are now working on a new 64-bit version. The planned changes in existing facilities and contemplates the urgent Chrome, the authors would shudder at the thought of another merger Facebook.

Possible purchase of the Opera for Facebook acquisition means a proven solution that already has a group of faithful users. It can also be an attempt to reach with your ads to a wider audience, which advertisers will comment on the full recognition of nod. Zuckerberg is not as mysterious as the Mona Lisa's smile, it is not widely known that it depends on reaching out to users of the mobile sector. Browser combined with Facebook could very easier. You just have to take into account that Internet users are very fickle, and a new version of "Facopery" may prove to be the best choice, or as well ... in the foot.Cofnij zmiany

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