Friday, 1 June 2012


After the acquisition Instagram application, the owner of Facebook has decided to merge next. As you can see the appetite grows with eating. Another attachment was a maid geolocation, the application Glancee.

For two years the activities of thousands of people began a new knowledge of the common denominator Glancee. Application is referred to as "friendly talking." Its task is to find people with similar interests, so that our new callers will be more common than the universal themes about the weather. Perhaps the question "What are you ladies in politics?" Will no longer be asked only to politicians, and the awkward silence no longer hurt its frequency.

By using an application running in January, the Open Graph, which publishes on the board's information about its activity, Glancee search the neighborhood and find the most interesting person to talk to. So now I do not have to send out the right and left invitations to unknown users, because the new application will help us a lot better to explore a virtual ground. Previously the service was available on iOS and Android platforms. Informed in short notifications of mutual friends, and potentially interesting for us people. The combination of Facebook might start to act as a matchmaker of the XXI century

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