Sunday, 24 June 2012

At last! You can edit entries on Facebook

But it is worth asking - why so late?
Facebook users finally got something I have been waiting a long time. World's largest social network introduces the ability to edit their own comments.

Officially, the change will be introduced gradually. This means that some users (eg me) can already use it, and others, will have to wait a day or several days. Edit comments - what has - absolutely all entries will have ever put in the service. So, if you recall that a year ago happened to you some nasty typo, you'll be able to find it and correct it.

Of course, the option of editing has been placed there, where until now there was the option to delete entries. After it, the box opens with the comment again, and we will be able to make changes to your listing.

Why, however, we had to wait so long for this basic option? That Facebook has not said.

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