Friday, 22 June 2012

Facebook gives up its own currency

Community service created by Mark Zuckerberg says goodbye to the currency of Facebook Credits. So far, it served to buy virtual items and services for games and applications running within the portal. Support payments was one of the pillars of the revenue Facebook.

By the end of developers building applications have time to make the appropriate changes to their programs. Facebook Credits will be converted to the balance reported in the local currency of the user. From the perspective of visitors to your site, so not much has changed - the money paid to the "account" will no longer be seen as the sum of the virtual "credit", but as the amount to be used.

Functioning since 2009 had a virtual currency system to harmonize the way of shopping in the burgeoning entertainment business. Portal application developers forced to collect charges from users only in the form of Facebook Credits. This allows better control of the payment and collection system seal not insignificant, because 30 per cent, commission.

End of the virtual currency does not mean that Facebook resigns from participation in the profits of application developers. Fees will be collected remains, in the same amount. Justifying its decision, the representatives of the portal argue that changing the form of settlement will enable developers to simplify the settlement application and adjust prices to different economic conditions in individual countries.

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