Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Facebook has already lost 32 percent. market value

Quotations Facebook fall the next day in a row. At Tuesday's close in New York's share price was $ 25.87, which is the day they become cheaper by 3.8 percent.

Starting from the stock market debut on May 18th, when you start trading values ​​the world's largest social networking site with a rate of $ 38 per share, the company's market value has dropped by 32 percent. - Reports Bloomberg.

 Published this day poll Reuters / Ipsos indicates a less popular site in comparison with the situation six months ago 34 percent. Users spend less time on Faceboku, while only 20 percent. looks at the portal more often than before. The survey also found that only every fifth user portal chose to purchase products because of ads or viewing comments on the site.

Last month, Facebook admitted that the influx of advertising for the portal is not keeping pace with the increased number of users as more and more people reach for the service via mobile phones. Simultaneously, Facebook itself is not able to assess their ability to generate revenue from advertising on mobile devices.

 For 12 days Facebook share trading in the stock market for eight values ​​of the portal lose its value. Facebook, Morgan Stanley, which was the main guarantor of the issue, they are criticized for an increase of 25 percent. number of shares offered at IPO to 421.2 million and a window opened up and the price is for a few days before the company's IPO.

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