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The operation Facebook

Hackers of the Anonymous group are planning a daring attack on the largest social network?
Thanks to the hacker group Anonymous November 5 2011 year had to go down in history as the day of the fall of Facebook. Anonymous swaggered announced the destruction of the social network, but the attack did not happen.
Another viral Internet attack date was 28 January. Also, these predictions were not realized. Does this mean, however, that the so-called. operation "Facebook" really went down in history?

Anonymous has successfully attacked the websites of companies such as Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. Still, experts doubt that the collective of hackers hiding their faces behind masks of British freedom fighter Guy Fawkes could seriously harm the powerful Facebookowi. In view of the operation "Facebook" distanced themselves even some members of the group. You can, however, that hackers actually comes something else.
Admittedly, the social network does not fit the profile of previous victims Anonymous. Groups of hackers first became apparent in 2008 when the recorded video clip released by the Scientology sect. In the film, Tom Cruise recorded speech to other members of the controversial religious group, explaining their vision of the world. Under this clip many Internet hackers and activists created a movement protesting against scjentologom. Fearing retaliation, the group members as the source of the leak they decided to remain anonymous and do not represent the official spokesperson. After hacking the servers on the Net, they have provided confidential materials related to, inter alia, "dianetyki for children".
Anonymous activity was not limited only to the Internet, however, the group has organized a variety of actions "in the real world." This rather unusual, as the hacker, a form of protest was also successful in their later campaigns. Members of the group manifested before the Church of Scientology buildings, wearing masks, which later grew into a symbol of Anonymous. The inspiration for this costume was the movie "V for Vendetta", referring to the history of Guy Fawkes, although its shares took place in a fictional reality. The main character struggles with the dictatorship in the name of human freedom - the same idea write on their banners "haktywiści" from the group Anonymous. Since the campaign against scjentologom their goals are those who - in their opinion - violate this freedom.
The most spectacular of the previous attacks had a relationship with the portal WikiLeaks. When the portal causes a sensation, revealing a secret U.S. government documents, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal stopped handling payments to whistleblowers. In response to Anonymous launched "Operation Payback," which brought them fame throughout the world. Under the framework, these hackers have blocked servers, providers of financial services to the exclusion of their websites. Because by Anonymous blocking the flow of the Wikileaks had no legal basis, they considered his actions to be justified, both morally and from a legal point of view. Then the support for the attack was unanimous - if Facebook is different.
Facebook - an unusual goal
The attack on Facebook was first announced in August 2011, in order prepared in this video clip distorted computer voice says "Facebook sells about state institutions and the implicit method provides data users." How do I keep anonymous, such information could buy everyone who has sufficient money.Facebook also prevents opponents inability to remove from the site previously shared photos - only disappearing links to an image, while the file itself remains intact. Further plans for the stored images are unknown. Anonymous, it is therefore a party to the war with an Internet espionage and unauthorized use of data.

"Anonymity on the Internet has to disappear," said Randi Zuckerberg, former head of marketing for the Facebook (Mark's sister)At least one of the group of channels on Twitter - @ anonops - there are entries distancing the action, stating that the "operation" Facebook "was organized by a small group Anonymous - it does not mean that we all support it." Finally, Facebook, despite the relentless criticism because of insufficient protection of privacy, is also a tool to fight against totalitarianism. During the Arab Spring many Egyptians had placed there, your videos and photos, telling the manner about the situation in the country without censorship and faster than traditional media.

Another gap in an Anonymous is that, for ideological reasons do not seek to attack the media, which in fact is their ally. Loose structure of the group can, however, some of them to break away from the ideological core.
The classic attack would be very difficult
A hacker group Anonymous in an interview with the magazine "Focus", stated that the action is the result of "megalomania and drugs." Finally, the overload of server farms that support every day 500 million Facebook users would require the use of extremely powerful weapons. Resources used by the previous Anonymous attacks on this scale seem ridiculously small. As he told us one of the observers of the environment, "the action against Mastercard servers at the appropriate IRC channel was 2000 users." The attack can take part only logged in the chat room.Had a similar number of hackers tried to deal with Facebook, even with tools significantly increased their firepower, perhaps a social networking site would get a cold, but it will not cause a more serious ailments. The idea is a fast-acting site, are still handled and filled with photos, videos or links by countless users.
The system, which is based on Facebook, is tried, and this makes it very stable - Anonymous is not the first opponent, with which he would eventually face. Portal is at all times under fire, and still has to fend off attacks. Mark Zuckerberg has made the need for virtue and reward for hackers found vulnerabilities. The company has paid on this account has already tens of thousands of dollars. A good technical preparation in case of attack is also confirmed another detail - the group making the portal most problems are not the sinister hacker, but just programmers. To the operating system without glitches could add new features, at the beginning made available to them in accordance with the principle of "hidden launch" - users do not see the new options, but the browser loads it and executes in the background.
Any errors developers can therefore cause a DoS attack on their own servers. To have such a shot in the knee, the page still work, Facebook can turn off individual features, thereby allowing the function to the entire portal. Restrictions can even rely on the introduction of a special safe mode ("Red Button Mode"), which does not operate a chat, or display refresh status photo gallery, and only loaded user profiles. Mechanisms to protect against errors portal's own developers are also helpful in case of hacker attacks, making Facebook a difficult goal.
After all, Facebook can hurt. You can successfully attack even large parties, if only engage in are enough, but without a thorough knowledge of a possible attack site structure reminiscent of banging my head against the wall. It is worth to note that when hackers informed about something, there are already two or three steps forward. For this reason, developers treat the threat seriously.
The risk is that the initiators of the operation "Facebook" is undervalued. This is shown even otwary letter sent by the group. "We are not planning any DoS attack" - write the authors. The letter is not in any way a proof of surrender Anonymous, it allows at most suggests that Facebook servers do not become the target of direct attack. The letter draws attention to the readers that popular around the world platform has a weak point - and it is not necessarily a technical nature. From the perspective of Anonymous Facebook's Achilles heel is the first free approach to user data. So group plans a campaign to sensitize on the issue of Internet users.

"We are not planning a DoS attack on Facebook" - posted by Anonymous, even though some of them previously announced, the annihilation of the biggest social networkDifferent actions are thought to show users of Facebook, to which the risk of exposing your security and privacy by using the portal. Anonymous call to create a fake Facebook accounts and flooding "dead souls", which would reduce the attractiveness of the community. Hackers also proposed to carry out educational activities in the real world, using different props - from posters to T-shirts with slogans antyfacebookowymi.

It is true that Anonymous does not want to cause any damage to the average social network users, but also encourage the use of Facebook in the fight against Firesheep tool. Thanks to this extension for the Firefox web browser, even inexperienced users can control the Facebook account to log on the portal through unencrypted connection using the public network. Although the tool can not read other people's passwords, but until the rightful owner of the account is logged on, the intruder can send messages on behalf of the machinations of Facebook, pouring their portal.
It should be noted that opposition to Facebook does not mean opposition to social networks as such. Anonymous suggest alternative portals, placing greater emphasis on protecting privacy, such as for example open source Diaspora in New York founded by students. Parallel motion Anonymous members are working on their own community called AnonPlus, attaching great importance to the security of private data. It is therefore possible that the goal of the operation "Facebook" is completely different than we think - maybe it's just a big advertising campaign AnonPlus service.

AnonPlus: Community Privacy Protection

Anonymous Hackers environmental work on the portal which has become an alternative to Facebook - it is available at maindistinguishing feature of the most popular site AnonPlus social network will careabout your privacy. Unlike Facebook or Google +, you will not need to name.Instead, they will not use nicknames, like on the internet. Predict the portal that willAnonPlus social network where you will not need to worry about censorship orrefrain from expressing their own opinionsThe decision to build the portal was made under the influence of ejection Anonymous from Google +, where they wanted to set up a profile named "Anon Your News". The official opening dateAnonPlus network is not yet known, but you can try to access the test.

In this way, Anonymous might attack Facebook

Links: The attacker can perform a simple DoS attack - for example, by using eitherthe new program LOIC # RefRef - in a short time by calling the page so many times that links to it will be blocked and it becomes available.

Servers: Hackers can connect to the Facebook server, and constantly keep them. At some point, the server capacity is exhausted and it will be blocked.

Components: Knowing the infrastructure of Facebook, hackers can attack in a thoughtful way of service and individual modules send packets Ping of Death, causing servers to crash.

Website: Gaps in the source code of the Facebook allow attackers to stitching in her changing the script or reset the data of millions of users.

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