Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Internet users with Facebook won - giant will pay $ 10 million.

Giant social network - Facebook - under a settlement decided to pay $ 10 million for being wrongfully used the image of their users in the ads.

Last weekend it was revealed that Facebook decided to go for a settlement resulting in the need for charities to pay $ 10 million round. It's about suing users claiming that their image has been illegally used in advertisements designated as "sponsored". They are advertising in which we see what our friends liked the brand.
Facebook sued five people, but a California court considers that the breach of which could go as far as the third American. Such a lawsuit could cost the company billions.

Ads with the names of our friends who pulubili the page is an extremely effective form of marketing. Sheryl Sandberg says that it is up to three times more effective than one that does not apply to friends of users. Internet users believe that the service has no right to publish information about what brands they like. Even more may not use their personal information and photos. Even if this is consistent with the rules of the site.

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