Sunday, 1 May 2016

Facebook will release 20 million for the protection of his boss

Is Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg (32 l.) Comprehend so strong fears that needs a big and expensive protection? And why, though, is a billionaire, does not pay for it myself, just makes doing your company?

And yet with what would he pay for his own safety. Zuckerberg on Friday enriched by as much as $ 4 billion. His fortune reached so enormous amount of 48 billion dollars. This jump is due the increase in stock prices after the publication of Facebook very good financial data for the first quarter of this year: the number of FB users in the world is 1.65 billion, stock exchange value of the company is 310 billion dollars., And profit for the first quarter of 2016. Reached 1 , $ 5 billion.

So we can understand that, like every rich man, and Zuckerberg must be protected. To these have been added recently threats from the Islamic State. However, it covers the costs of Facebook Zuckerberg protection. And business is praised.
Facebook, which Zuckerberg is considered as an irreplaceable person in the company, has just revealed that in the last year. Was paid $ 5 million. (Ie 20 million zł) for ensuring Zuckerbergowi quiet days and nights. It is most of all the companies listed on the list of 500 largest listed companies in the United States. Over the last three years, spending on the head FB amounted to 14.4 million dollars.

Zuckerberg protection package includes 16 bodyguards, traveling private jets, maintenance of alarm systems, cameras and other equipment in their residences. Head of security guards is a former Secret Service agent Secret Service protecting the US president and other important American politicians. Facebook chief security guards earn at least 80 thousand. dol. annually. Perhaps after the recent terrorist attacks in the world increased their salary - speculates German monthly Manager Magazin.

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Facebook: quarrel shareholders. The case against Zuckerbergowi went to court

On the occasion of the announcement of results in the last Wednesday of April, the shareholders know the latest plans for the portal owner Mark Zuckerberg. He announced that the company "share the wealth" and create shares without voting rights. In this way, the billionaire plans to pay a dividend to holders of existing shares, while retaining control over the company. The case, however, has a second bottom.

According to the latest financial data Facebook earned only during the first three months of the year of about $ 1.5 billion. Thus, nearly tripled its profit last year.

The plans of the company founder, however caused dissatisfaction of other shareholders Facebook. One of them filed a lawsuit to stop the company from issuing new shares, calling it unfair move controlling shareholder portal, Mark Zuckerberg.

The lawsuit was filed in the office of the Court of Delaware shortly after the presentation of the results of Facebook and plans to issue new shares.

Reconstruction of the shareholding structure of the company, which manages the largest social networking world, it is de facto stock split in a ratio of 3 to 1. Zuckerberg said in December that it intends to 99 percent. belonging to its shares put in philanthropic project, working towards the use of human potential and equality.

Complainants argue that the Management Committee of Facebook, which approved the plan "not really bargained" with Zuckerbergiem to "achieve a clear value" in exchange for Zuckerbergowi additional control over the company.

Facebook said in a statement says that the plan "is in the best interest of the company and all its shareholders." Keeping Zuckerberg at the head of the company is to be the key to its future success.

Facebook plans to create new shares that will be listed on the stock market, but will not have voting rights. The Company will issue two new shares, so-called. "Class C" in exchange for each of the existing shares of Class A and Class B.

The new shares would be listed on the stock exchange under a new symbol.

Zuckerberg "is going to stay in power. By selling the majority of its shares, wants to continue to reap billions of dollars in revenues," written in the text of the lawsuit.

"The issue of shares Class C will have the same effect as a grant of billions of dollars for Zuckerberg in the form of new shares, for which the pay nothing," the release reads.

Google settled a similar case with the shareholders in 2013, shortly before the hearing.

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Facebook just pointed at auction websites and preparing to shoot

Auction sites can be a big problem, and it's called Facebook. The most popular social network in the world is about to introduce the option that hit directly in the page type or Allegro may rather sleep peacefully, but that's what local services are at gunpoint Mark Zuckerberg and company.
The idea is that Facebook has just introduced a new option on your site. Members of the group of "for sale" adding post will now be able to select the option "sell". They will then be able to set all the parameters of the offer, like the product description, price, package information, etc. In addition, be able to change the status of its offer to "available" or "sold" in order to facilitate search is currently sold items.
A new feature has gradually emerge in different language versions of the site in the next few months. Importantly, it will be available in both versions of the browser, and mobile applications on Android and Apple iOS.
And I think it's a great move Facebook. Sam belong to several groups of "for sale". Some of them are very defined and relate, for example. ASG (Air Soft Gun), and other area include eg. My cities, namely Bydgoszcz. And very often there are great deals out there just issued by Allegro, OLX or Kijiji. Now just set sell directly on Facebook, and let's face it - it's there most customers. No auction site can not compare to the movement of the side of Mark Zuckerberg.
However, I see a few problems. First of all, people come to OLX, Kijiji or Allegro precisely in order to search for a particular subject and buy it. In addition, they often have a lot of security guarantees, like the "buyer protection program" on Allegro. Meanwhile, Facebook probably wants to be a service of everything, and like something from all this is for nothing. But in this case I think that the new option can really take.
In fact, I do not believe, however, is that Facebook could threaten anyone, even less auction services. Such sites have been, are and always will exist, and mainly on them will be looking for specific items. Likewise shops do not have to worry. Facebook is a good move, but everyone can sleep peacefully. Ot additional way of sale.


Here is the first game on the Facebook Messenger - Doodle Draw

Facebook some time ago announced that it will expand the capabilities of your Messenger thanks to additional applications. And so the Play Store and Apple App Store already appeared appki, which allow you to send GIFs or create special animations. There were still only a game. But just debuted the first game on the Facebook Messenger called Doodle Draw.

The game is not very complicated. In fact, a kind of puns. The rules are simple - the one you draw something, and when finished, it sends his work to another user. This then has a specific time to guess what is in the drawing. If he succeeds, it is both drawn and zgadujący receive points. These credits can be obtained by inviting friends to play, which happens to be a little disturbing, because it asks for spamming other people's calls for Doodle Draw.

Let's face it - Doodle Draw is a very simple game, but only those will be established in Messenger. They have to be especially fun for a few people that bring a lot of fun. And who has never played with friends in puns, let him cast the first stone. All of us do this, and every one of us in his own way he likes it. Especially when the event is oiled. Then laughter is no end.

Messenger currently has about 600 million users worldwide, so it is a huge platform, which will certainly tempt developers. For this reason alone it should produce more and more applications and games with the aim of communicator from Facebook. I just hope it will not happen, at some point it became with the service and will not be inundated with invitations from friends. And even if it should be a way to block such messages. Sam fortunately for a long time I did not get any invitation to play on Facebook, because it effectively blocked the all popular titles.

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Facebook introduces free calls to your VoIP application

It seems that Facebook plans to enter the market with a new service. It turned out that British users of Facebook Messenger app can make free VoIP połącznie.
The question is - what Facebook would he do that? I think that the social networking giant Google wants to forestall that, after going to unify all of their messaging and create one that would work across all sites. Only Facebook can match Google in terms of number of users, so it seems that such action makes sense.
The service is so far only available for users in the UK. Why? Most likely it is still in the testing phase. Facebook not only wants to check the functionality of the application, but also to see whether she enjoys enough popularity.
Of course, VoIP calls are free in the sense that Facebook does not charge any fees for it. Still you have to pay for the data transfer.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Facebook introduces virtual function heirs

Facebook has introduced further updates. Are regulated by the principles of accounts after the death of their users. So far, the profiles were frozen, which raised objections on the part of families. New features will be saved in a virtual testament the Facebook account lover.

In response to the controversy associated with the operation of user accounts after their death, Facebook settled this issue and introduce new features.

The so-called. Contact Legacy account allows the owner to decide who after his death will have access to the profile and the ability to manage it.
The new option will be available from the user's account settings. That is where you will need to indicate a person from a group of friends who will have access to your account. In life, you can repeatedly change the authorized person. After the death of the account holder virtual heir but they can not pass the role entrusted to anyone else. If the user does not identify any of your friends, your account will be frozen. Unless the legal testament saved will be different.

Limited Access
Virtual heir, who, after the death of the user will have access to your account, you will not be able to use it as if he were the owner. Blocked will include the the ability to read private messages, delete posts or photos of the deceased person. However, will be able to add new entries, photos, profile and adopt new people to the group of friends.

Facebook user commemorate the death of his account, adding the name and surname of the word Remembering.

Facebook user commemorate the death of his account
A new feature is introduced first in the United States, soon to be available also in other countries.

You use Facebook? You can collapse a serious illness!

Have a Facebook account? I check them regularly? Watch out! Use of this web site may contribute to the symptoms of depression.
A team of researchers led by Professor Margaret Duffy from the University of Missouri conducted a study on a group of 736 students and has proven that it all depends on the purpose for which people use Facebook. If they do it to maintain contacts, their mental health is not at risk, and even this form of activity can alleviate symptoms of depression. It is worse when using the site trying to inwigilować your friends and compare them. Posts on expensive shopping or a happy relationship with your partner, evoke in us a sense of morbid jealousy.
- We have observed that if Facebook users feel jealous because of activities and lifestyle of his friends from the site, it's much more likely to have a depression - explains Professor. Duffy. - Service users should be aware that presenting yourself in a favorable light is an important motivation for the use of social media, so you can expect that many will zamieszczało account holders only positive information about yourself - adds co-author Edson C. Tandoc.

Iran follows the "liking". Service invigilates 8 million Facebook users

Iranian Revolutionary Guards mass invigilates Facebook users. Irna agency, citing a message Guard for the department. Cybersecurity, said on Monday that followed "liking" Iran's 8 million users.
Revolutionary Guards accused Facebook of that is trying to attract Internet users to "immoral page", containing "obscene content". Moreover Guard maintains that Facebook "openly supports" websites that are contrary to Islamic requirements for women's clothing.
Intelligent web filtering
AP Agency advises that Tehran from time to time issue such a statement. In December last year, the Iranian authorities have decided to extend the program "intelligent filtering" network. Thanks to the government in Tehran will be able to identify and block unwanted content appearing on social networks.

In line with the Iranian authorities "smart filters" will help capture harmful information and alerts without having to block access to certain websites, as it was in the past. In Iran maintained a very restrictive access control global network; Blocks popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With the new solutions, these restrictions would be loosened.
As the government announced, he intends to "block the content of criminal and unethical". By inappropriate content Tehran understood as information about policies and striking the Iranian authorities. In 2009, social networking sites were used by the opponents of the then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to inform about the course of the protests.
In September 2014. Iranian President Hasan Rowhani local Muslim clerics called for greater tolerance towards the Internet and other modern technology, noting that Iran can not "close the door to the world".

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Facebook tool of psychological warfare? "Promoted lies"

Estonian special services did not respond to a message posted on Facebook about the existence of organizations wishing to create "the Russian Baltic Republic" in the north east of the country.

Also ignored Latvian ministry announced on Facebook rise of the Russian "People's Republic of Lattgallen" east of Latvia. Reportedly interested in the Estonian and Latvian while the media.

In both countries, living large Russian minority, but both non-existent pseudo-creation of the republic are probably produced in Russia as part of psychological warfare with the Baltic states.

In Stockholm, has just published a book called "Tools of destabilization, or tools of destabilization", dedicated to the Russian methods of disinformation and psychological pressure on the three Baltic republics.

As stated today Per Gudmundson, commentator of the Stockholm newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet", content appearing in social media are often the inspiration for journalists seeking sensationalism. An example is the Swedish autumn campaign against zagadkowemu submarine in the Stockholm area.

Facebook released - probably deliberately planted - a suggestion that it is a Dutch ship, who had practiced in the Baltic. This echoed a bogus version of the Swedish media. According Gudmundson social media are the ideal tool for promotion of lies prepared in the framework of psychological warfare.

How much can you earn on Facebook?

Social networking marketingowcami opened up completely new possibilities for branding and customer contact. These activities can also take care of the young freelancers and earn a little less from the big agencies. The lead fanpage on Facebook, you can earn up to several thousand per month.

Anyone who wants to start making money on running facebookowych profiles has at least two options: either to set up a fanpage and sell it along with observers, or conduct official business page and reap the financial benefits of the current placement of information and pictures related to its activities. For this option to use both social media agencies, as well as young, creative freelancers. We checked the market rate for such activities.

Only agencies can lead company profile?

It might seem that the work in the marketing company is reserved only for large advertising agencies. Small businesses do not always have, however, decide to services relating to the creation of communities of customers and fans on the internet. - It is believed that advertising agencies tend to have higher rates, so to them, guided by the company with bigger budgets - says Joanna Witek Svarte from the company, dealing with the image of companies on the Internet. - Small entrepreneurs are turning more and more often while young, who had moved in social networks.

Daria Cica engaged in such activities for 4 years. Although the leading non-profit private fanpage "I love illustration," it serves mainly to gain experience in the industry. - In my case, most of the orders I received as part of the command. I conducted at the beginning of the profile of the company of friends and then there were increasing more suggestions from other entrepreneurs - he says. Those who would like to start such activities on their own, the internet can easily find profiles of an external social channels on recruitment websites and advertising.
Working "on Facebook" is not just posting

Contrary to popular opinion, this offer does not apply only to inserting posts in the contractual frequencies. They require a professional contractor involvement and self-search information that theme will liaise with the company's profile. Such work is also related to the contact with the client - often a profile on Facebook is the first way to report problems or complaints related to services. - Dialogue and responding to what they write fans, is one of the most important part of this work, which usually begins after the so-called. "throwing Post" - says in an interview with Dominic agency Wartecki Get More Social, whose clients include Allegro, MTV Poland and ING Bank Slaski.

What does the carrying profile in social media?
Current publishing information and content editing
Self-search or design graphics and photos for publication
Current service customer inquiries and responding to their entries
Campaigns in social media marketing
Seo Company on the web
Constant monitoring of the profile (with higher profiles)
comment moderation
Creating special events, competitions

It all depends on whether the client gives a free hand, and has strict preferences for posts to be published. Often discharged on the shoulders of the contractor is to search for suitable images or content on the web. The more niche industry, the more work awaits the person who manages your company profile on the internet.

Anyone who wants to take up such work, he must reckon with the fact that it requires the availability and developed soft skills and patience, which will certainly be useful in dealing with customers. The quality of such services is also influenced by the creativity and independence - sometimes one additional entry from the novelty of the industry can make a difference within that profile can achieve.

Are you running fanpage you can earn some extra money?

Rates of pay for maintaining one profile on Facebook are different. Zł 300 net per month in the case of smaller companies to amounts in excess of the national average for the profiles of larger entities. It all depends on what range of tasks will fall on the contractor. The question of whether you can keep up with the conduct of such profiles corresponds uniquely Daria Cica - yes. It is, however, in which case the count of the need to carry out several dozen fanpage'ów simultaneously, which may take a whole day. Such occupancy generates obligations as a full-time job, but with them comes a proportional wage.

Work on the Company profiles on social networking sites can be extremely lucrative, especially for people who can not afford to work full-time. Flexible working hours and high income tempting prospect, but willing should expect to engage and orient in the industry to achieve such earnings. However, despite popular opinion, Facebook creates not only an opportunity for loss of time, but it also offers possibilities to on their own wealth to take care of your portfolio.