Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Facebook tired of the British and the Americans?

Only in the last month has lost millions of Facebook users in the U.S. and other developed markets. Well suited for the countries of South America.

The company Socialbakers analyzed the results of Facebook. It turned out that Facebook is doing worse in the U.S. and the UK. In the U.S., over the last six months logged on to almost 9 million users less than in the previous six months, in the UK - about 2 million. Especially bad for the portal is the last month - the U.S. decline was 6 million members (4 per cent. Less), the UK - 1.4 million (4.5 percent)..

Not everywhere, however, recorded a loss of interest in Facebook. Total monthly logins continues to grow in South America (Brazil about 6 percent.), India (4 percent.).

Facebook and Marketplace, a year later, it's time to take stock

18 May 2012 Facebook went public with a set price per share at $ 38. Today, after years stay in the global financial markets, social equity giant faces worse than the day of the premiere, but recent records are not the lowest in the short trading history of facebook.
Stock market debut of Facebook, when you set the entry price per share was $ 38 did not bring about a revolution, as predicted by most analysts, the market price of the shares during the session only slightly exceeded the $ 40, and finally at the end of the IPO remain higher than the opening price by a few cents.
The next day the crew had much to disappoint Zuckerberg, in a relatively short period of time a single company's stock price soared down to the level of $ 17.55, but it was the moment when the giant bounced off the bottom and began an arduous march upward.DoubleDown Casina Hack

To this day, Facebook did not recover the value that was calculated on an IPO. Closing of the first year as a public company appointed at the level of the share price of 26.25 USD. This means that 30.9 percent decrease compared to the input value of 18 May 2012. Down 30.9 percent per year may seem a significant loss, but remember that the stock market has a much higher risk and higher volatility than the bond market and other banking products and financial services. In turn, those who have purchased shares in social networking giant at a time when they were on the "hole" in less than a year, gained almost 50%.DragonVale Hack 2013

In the last quarter of Facebook had revenues higher than expected by market analysts, to € 1.46 billion. Today's valuation of Facebook closes in the amount of 63.47 billion dollars. This huge money, but a year ago, on the first day, the company was valued at $ 104 billion. However, despite the initial revaluation, most analysts are agreed on the fact that devaluation is not a de facto loss, but the actual rate card adjustments social networking giant's market power. During the stay in the public market, Facebook has changed, it has become a company with lots of cash, profits steadily increasing revenues, working with manufacturers in the telecommunications industry, while continually expanding its core business is still adding new features. Those who hoped that Facebook is a bubble that will burst soon, slightly miscalculated.

HTC First spectacular failure tandem Facebook - HTC

Facebook a long time preparing for the launch of its smartphone, hoping that users of the portal will run to the stores and will start to buy in bulk quantities. Unfortunately, it miscalculated.

HTC First, also called Facebookofonem, the first official phone dedicated Facebookowi, whose sales in the United States deals with operator AT & T. Initially the phone with the contract cost $ 99, but the lack of interest from consumers prompted the operator to introduce a drastic reduction in the price and that's after only a month. Currently HTC First you can buy for less than a burger, or $ 0.99.

Worse reduction did not help at all, because according to media reports, has sold just 15,000 units, so AT & T has decided to opt out of further sales of this model and confirmed that the items that no one bought, will be returned to the manufacturer.

HTC First was to be hit, and was a spectacular failure, and its sales were even worse than the failed model of HTC Chacha launched in 2011. For Facebook this news is a serious blow, especially since the recently released Facebook application Home, also not is of particular interest. The Sims Social Hack 2013

Facebook is no longer cool? Too much on the parents and the plain of Contents

Do you have Facebook? Sure you have. The highest percentage of users are still teenagers who more often treat Facebook as ... chore rather than fun. This conclusion of the report, which examined the approach of American youth to the service brand Zukcerberga.

The report produced by the think tank Pew Research Center shows the results obtained after examining in September 2012 with 802 Americans from 12 to 17 years. The authors found that adolescents often continue to use Facebook, but changes her attitude at the same time to the portal.

A few years ago it was considered fairly common among teenagers fascinating place to establish or strengthen relationships. Now more and more young people consider activity on Facebook only for my duty. It irritates them include "Control" site for parents and saturation of its pages with unnecessary information. As a result, they do not receive interesting content, and we must be careful not to publish comments inconvenient for them.

At the same time expanding the group of young users of other social networking sites. Although current statistics are not bad for Facebook (in 2012 was used by 94 percent of surveyed teens who have used such services, in 2011 - 93 percent), the attention is quickly growing interest in Twitter and Instagramem.

In 2011, "ćwierkało" only 12 percent of concerned American youth social networks. A year later, this figure had grown to 26 percent. With Instagramu benefited in the past year and 11 percent of young Americans. 12 months earlier photographic community service was not even classified in the statement.

Facebook authorities do not believe that the problem raised by the report was serious. At a recent meeting with investors argued that teenagers are still willing to engage in a life of service. Some stakeholders are concerned, however, that Facebook is slowly starting to lose young users.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Facebook buys "vase" for a billion dollars?

The most popular social networking site is trying to broaden its range of new functionality. I recently took a huge amount so Instagram, and now a one billion U.S. dollars is going to buy Israeli company Waze.

Waze is specialized in the production of social maps, which selects the most interesting places to visit. Its products each year are becoming increasingly popular. Back in July 2012 were about 20 million users, but now their number is estimated at about 47 million, with approximately 30 percent of the Americans, and the rest are residents of other countries.

Purchase Waze would be very expensive, because according to the sources (each tells a different amount, and the lack of official data), Facebook would have to pay for the new purchase of 800 million to as much as $ 1 billion. However, negotiations on the acquisition of Waze, has reportedly started six months ago.

The new company can help Facebookowi spread its wings in the mobile sector, which currently has 751 million users per month, and this number is growing by tens of percent a year.

Facebook is not the only company interested in acquiring Waze. Recently it was said that it is interested in buying Apple, but nothing came of it. It is very strange that Waze is the author of a significant part of the technology behind Apple Maps, and so purchase the company would be a logical step.

How long Facebook will earn from ads?

The ads are in the foreseeable future will be a fundamental source of revenue for Facebook - says Marcin Brus from the Polish branch of the company. However, the question arises: how long this model will be profitable?

The fact that Facebook needs to find an effective monetization model is said to be from the time when the first rumors announcing the imminent debut, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg. IPO's been hailed as a success, but then the company's share price fell by half (now hovers around 27.5 dollars. Per share), which raised further doubts about the ability of business managers Facebook. "The old truth" is also true that Facebook can not cope in the segment of mobile devices.
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- The ads are in the foreseeable future will be a fundamental source of revenue for Facebook - says Marcin Brus office of Polish Facebook.
Making the commercials is a business model which is based on all media. In this social media. Over the last few decades he worked flawlessly. The end of the first decade of the twenty-first century has shown, however, that too much dependence on revenues from advertisers could have disastrous consequences, as painfully on her skin felt paper newspaper. In times of crisis and economic slowdown, every dollar spent on advertising is viewed in detail and often returns to the portfolio rather than sail to the media.
- Relying exclusively on the business model of advertising revenue is not the best idea. Therefore, the entire ecosystem develops Facebook games and invests in mobile - says Artur Kurasiński, investor and blogger. - I can imagine a situation in which Facebook introduced fees for additional services, but it would have to be something really "super, hyper and extra" - adds Kurasiński.
Keep a good balance
When it comes to Facebook to find a good business model relies to a significant extent on finding an effective model of serving advertisements - on the line with revenue on the one hand and tolerance users on the other. An important factor is also the brands that want to advertise on a portal Zuckerberg.
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- That's how long Facebook will earn from ads depends on how you will be perceived by the brand. Coca-Cola rather not need Facebook, which itself points out, but there are companies that without it they can not function - says Michał Bonarowski, a specialist in digital communications.
Facebook declares that maintain an appropriate balance between the efficiency of the business and the user experience is at the heart of the company.
- Smart prepared and targeted ads are not considered by users as undesirable content, but as part of social history, which follow an interactive magazine which wants to be on Facebook - says Marcin Brus. - Very carefully follow the reactions of users to commercial content. We have no alarming signals - provides.
Video and mobile is a key
In addition to maintaining an appropriate balance, seeking an effective model serve ads on Facebook are also the exploration of new media - video ads and commercials in mobile'u.
- Facebook is definitely a "mobile company", but that perception could be obliterated by, let's be honest, not the most perfect mobile application - frankly admits Martin Brus.

The fact that Facebook really is a "mobile company" is to provide, among others. the introduction of Facebook Home, which overlays Android mobile operating system, which is intended to make some smart phones can become a long-anticipated "Facebook phone". Zuckerberg's company is also developing its mobile applications - the "traditional" Facebook and Facebook Messenger, which is always improved the function ChatHeads.
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The purpose of these procedures is actually one: an introduction to the company offers the best of targeted and how "najprzyjaźniej" display ads on mobile devices.
- Facebook still has to make up the gap with the competition when it comes to mobile. Mobile can be crucial for the company if it is true that the ads displayed on mobile devices are more accepted by users and better monetyzują - says Michał Bonarowski.
Recently, it became too loudly about the fact that Facebook reportedly plans to introduce a new advertising format, the video ad. Apparently, users could not watch more than three ads of this type daily.
- Video ads are the product desired by advertisers. At the moment there are no official reports, to which I could relate to, but I can assure you that if we introduce a video ad is not compromised user experience - and Marcin Brus.
Advertising eternally alive?
The media industry is increasingly hear that the business model of relying solely or largely on revenue from ads is a simple way to kill a business in the long term. But not all share the same opinion.
- Revenue from advertising is a business model with good prospects, and his criticism is based on a misunderstanding rather the fact that the stream is not shrinking, but shifted to more efficient channels. Facebook thanks to the "big data", the demographics, behavioral, context is next to Google and Amazon ads champion - says Michał Brański, co-founder of o2.
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This view is also managers Facebook. - The potential of the advertising market is still very large. The experience of other companies show that it is not uncertain revenue stream. - Says Brus.
- All possible data show that the business model based on advertising revenue is declining. Banners, which has long had died were still alive - is echoed by Michael Bonarowski Brusiowi.
About how long Facebook will make a profit from advertising in the long run will decide one key factor: the effectiveness of ads presented in this social network. Theoretically, the company is in the hands of all the advantages that translate into skutecznść facebookowego marketing.
- The advertising market is going towards solutions that allow you to precisely target your ad to a specific group, and easy to measure its effects. Becoming increasingly important remarketing and "trade data". Facebook has all the elements needed for a puzzle: a huge range, unlimited knowledge of the users and is constantly developing tools to measure, so we can expect further dynamic growth - says Mariusz Gralewski, creator of such services as GoldenLine and ZnanyLekarz.
- There are many examples showing that Facebook just helps generate sales - adds Marcin Brus. In Poland, the most famous example of the effectiveness of advertising on Facebook is the company Złotewyprzedaż, which had once wrote in "Forbes". Other examples, which boasts of a service Zuckerberg are successful advertising campaigns conducted by companies such as British telecom O2 and Vodafone or Volvo.
Everything indicates, therefore, that the rumors of the death of Facebook business are slightly exaggerated and even at least for the next few years, the company has secured a place at the spring in advertising.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Facebook Home is of great interest. The question is whether we will actually use it

New Facebook Home - a special launcher's largest social networking site on Android - has been downloaded more than half a million times. And in just a few days.
Facebook Home was released in Google Play store on April 12. At first they could be installed only residents of the United States. But on April 17 Facebook possible installation launcher worldwide.

And it turns out that from April 12 Facebook Home has been downloaded by users of Android phones over 500 000 times. It's a pretty good result - especially considering the fact that the Home can be installed only on selected Android devices, not on all models. The problem may be that the application gets then rather weak assessment of the application store Google Play.

I use Facebook Home by less than a week. I still think that:

- The content of Facebook presents great

- A new feature in Messenger or chat heads, is the perfect solution

- Navigate the phone after installing the Facebook Home at the beginning it gets a little complicated. Especially if you set a screen lock code.

- Do not know if Facebook Home stay long on my phone. Besides the fact that just looks nice, it does not imply a specially high added value.

So the question is - how many of the 500 000 who have downloaded the application on your phone, it will continue to use it after two weeks.

Facebook has released its servers prosecution

For the first time in its history, Facebook has released the main servers in California and access to the data obtained from the prosecutor's office in Milan, ws. pedophile investigator from Italy, who urged portal minors to send pornographic images.
Media pay attention to the uniqueness of the decision of the popular social networking site to which the application referred the Italian justice interested write access to online chat between a pedophile and girls below 14 years of age and exchanged files.
The investigation concerns 50-year-old Italian, coaching girls' volleyball team, already sentenced to 11 years and four months in prison for three acts of pedophilia. According to the court he has been guilty of using the Facebook, a much larger number of offenses against this background that require further action. Therefore Milan judge has decided that it is necessary expertise Informatics. This and require access to the Facebook servers and record all contacts pedophile. According to the preliminary findings of his victims fell at least a dozen girls.
Media revealed that the procedure for obtaining the consent of the heads of agencies were involved in the American FBI and the U.S. Embassy in Rome. Facebook Positive response is the result of the fact that pedophilia is in the United States considered a federal crime, and therefore was not taken in this case, consider the issue of possible privacy violations.
It is noted that there is an expert author Loris Calipari, a cousin of the Italian intelligence officer Nicola Sismi Calipariego, mistakenly shot by U.S. soldiers during the release of hostages in Iraq in 2005.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Facebook gearing up for video ads

The largest social networking site still has problems with earning from ads, so he invented himself that the best idea to maximize profits, video ads will be published on the portal user profiles.

Media reports that Facebook is currently in discussions with various advertising agencies on the partners for the new video service ads, which wants to start in late June and July.

Unofficially, it is said that such ads will appear in the news are on our wall and have to play in an amount of at least 3 per day. Facebook hopes that the new system can become a real gold mine and bring even $ 4 million profit per day.

For social networking, this is certainly great news. Users rather less of this fact will enjoy, especially if they sit silently on Facebook at school (which makes a lot of people), and suddenly you hear a roar from the advertisement.

Developer "Timeline" leaves Facebook

Nicholas Felton, a designer responsible for creating the "Timeline" Facebook quits his job in the biggest online społecznościówce - tells Mashable website.

Nicholas Felton, a designer responsible for creating the "Timeline" Facebook quits his job in the biggest online społecznościówce

American, specializing in visual design, joined Facebook in 2011, caught the attention of the heads of the portal created information-graphics-like appearance of the current "Timeline".

- As soon as we saw it on Facebook, our reaction was the same: we need this guy - he said in tact f8 conference, Chris Cox, Deputy Head of the products in the portal.