Thursday, 5 March 2015

Facebook introduces virtual function heirs

Facebook has introduced further updates. Are regulated by the principles of accounts after the death of their users. So far, the profiles were frozen, which raised objections on the part of families. New features will be saved in a virtual testament the Facebook account lover.

In response to the controversy associated with the operation of user accounts after their death, Facebook settled this issue and introduce new features.

The so-called. Contact Legacy account allows the owner to decide who after his death will have access to the profile and the ability to manage it.
The new option will be available from the user's account settings. That is where you will need to indicate a person from a group of friends who will have access to your account. In life, you can repeatedly change the authorized person. After the death of the account holder virtual heir but they can not pass the role entrusted to anyone else. If the user does not identify any of your friends, your account will be frozen. Unless the legal testament saved will be different.

Limited Access
Virtual heir, who, after the death of the user will have access to your account, you will not be able to use it as if he were the owner. Blocked will include the the ability to read private messages, delete posts or photos of the deceased person. However, will be able to add new entries, photos, profile and adopt new people to the group of friends.

Facebook user commemorate the death of his account, adding the name and surname of the word Remembering.

Facebook user commemorate the death of his account
A new feature is introduced first in the United States, soon to be available also in other countries.

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