Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Facebook introduces free calls to your VoIP application

It seems that Facebook plans to enter the market with a new service. It turned out that British users of Facebook Messenger app can make free VoIP połącznie.
The question is - what Facebook would he do that? I think that the social networking giant Google wants to forestall that, after going to unify all of their messaging and create one that would work across all sites. Only Facebook can match Google in terms of number of users, so it seems that such action makes sense.
The service is so far only available for users in the UK. Why? Most likely it is still in the testing phase. Facebook not only wants to check the functionality of the application, but also to see whether she enjoys enough popularity.
Of course, VoIP calls are free in the sense that Facebook does not charge any fees for it. Still you have to pay for the data transfer.

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