Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Here is the first game on the Facebook Messenger - Doodle Draw

Facebook some time ago announced that it will expand the capabilities of your Messenger thanks to additional applications. And so the Play Store and Apple App Store already appeared appki, which allow you to send GIFs or create special animations. There were still only a game. But just debuted the first game on the Facebook Messenger called Doodle Draw.

The game is not very complicated. In fact, a kind of puns. The rules are simple - the one you draw something, and when finished, it sends his work to another user. This then has a specific time to guess what is in the drawing. If he succeeds, it is both drawn and zgadujÄ…cy receive points. These credits can be obtained by inviting friends to play, which happens to be a little disturbing, because it asks for spamming other people's calls for Doodle Draw.

Let's face it - Doodle Draw is a very simple game, but only those will be established in Messenger. They have to be especially fun for a few people that bring a lot of fun. And who has never played with friends in puns, let him cast the first stone. All of us do this, and every one of us in his own way he likes it. Especially when the event is oiled. Then laughter is no end.

Messenger currently has about 600 million users worldwide, so it is a huge platform, which will certainly tempt developers. For this reason alone it should produce more and more applications and games with the aim of communicator from Facebook. I just hope it will not happen, at some point it became with the service and will not be inundated with invitations from friends. And even if it should be a way to block such messages. Sam fortunately for a long time I did not get any invitation to play on Facebook, because it effectively blocked the all popular titles.

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