Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Facebook just pointed at auction websites and preparing to shoot

Auction sites can be a big problem, and it's called Facebook. The most popular social network in the world is about to introduce the option that hit directly in the page type OLX.pl or Gumtree.pl. Allegro may rather sleep peacefully, but that's what local services are at gunpoint Mark Zuckerberg and company.
The idea is that Facebook has just introduced a new option on your site. Members of the group of "for sale" adding post will now be able to select the option "sell". They will then be able to set all the parameters of the offer, like the product description, price, package information, etc. In addition, be able to change the status of its offer to "available" or "sold" in order to facilitate search is currently sold items.
A new feature has gradually emerge in different language versions of the site in the next few months. Importantly, it will be available in both versions of the browser, and mobile applications on Android and Apple iOS.
And I think it's a great move Facebook. Sam belong to several groups of "for sale". Some of them are very defined and relate, for example. ASG (Air Soft Gun), and other area include eg. My cities, namely Bydgoszcz. And very often there are great deals out there just issued by Allegro, OLX or Kijiji. Now just set sell directly on Facebook, and let's face it - it's there most customers. No auction site can not compare to the movement of the side of Mark Zuckerberg.
However, I see a few problems. First of all, people come to OLX, Kijiji or Allegro precisely in order to search for a particular subject and buy it. In addition, they often have a lot of security guarantees, like the "buyer protection program" on Allegro. Meanwhile, Facebook probably wants to be a service of everything, and like something from all this is for nothing. But in this case I think that the new option can really take.
In fact, I do not believe, however, is that Facebook could threaten anyone, even less auction services. Such sites have been, are and always will exist, and mainly on them will be looking for specific items. Likewise shops do not have to worry. Facebook is a good move, but everyone can sleep peacefully. Ot additional way of sale.


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