Thursday, 5 March 2015

Iran follows the "liking". Service invigilates 8 million Facebook users

Iranian Revolutionary Guards mass invigilates Facebook users. Irna agency, citing a message Guard for the department. Cybersecurity, said on Monday that followed "liking" Iran's 8 million users.
Revolutionary Guards accused Facebook of that is trying to attract Internet users to "immoral page", containing "obscene content". Moreover Guard maintains that Facebook "openly supports" websites that are contrary to Islamic requirements for women's clothing.
Intelligent web filtering
AP Agency advises that Tehran from time to time issue such a statement. In December last year, the Iranian authorities have decided to extend the program "intelligent filtering" network. Thanks to the government in Tehran will be able to identify and block unwanted content appearing on social networks.

In line with the Iranian authorities "smart filters" will help capture harmful information and alerts without having to block access to certain websites, as it was in the past. In Iran maintained a very restrictive access control global network; Blocks popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. With the new solutions, these restrictions would be loosened.
As the government announced, he intends to "block the content of criminal and unethical". By inappropriate content Tehran understood as information about policies and striking the Iranian authorities. In 2009, social networking sites were used by the opponents of the then President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to inform about the course of the protests.
In September 2014. Iranian President Hasan Rowhani local Muslim clerics called for greater tolerance towards the Internet and other modern technology, noting that Iran can not "close the door to the world".

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