Thursday, 5 March 2015

You use Facebook? You can collapse a serious illness!

Have a Facebook account? I check them regularly? Watch out! Use of this web site may contribute to the symptoms of depression.
A team of researchers led by Professor Margaret Duffy from the University of Missouri conducted a study on a group of 736 students and has proven that it all depends on the purpose for which people use Facebook. If they do it to maintain contacts, their mental health is not at risk, and even this form of activity can alleviate symptoms of depression. It is worse when using the site trying to inwigilować your friends and compare them. Posts on expensive shopping or a happy relationship with your partner, evoke in us a sense of morbid jealousy.
- We have observed that if Facebook users feel jealous because of activities and lifestyle of his friends from the site, it's much more likely to have a depression - explains Professor. Duffy. - Service users should be aware that presenting yourself in a favorable light is an important motivation for the use of social media, so you can expect that many will zamieszczało account holders only positive information about yourself - adds co-author Edson C. Tandoc.

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