Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Facebook tool of psychological warfare? "Promoted lies"

Estonian special services did not respond to a message posted on Facebook about the existence of organizations wishing to create "the Russian Baltic Republic" in the north east of the country.

Also ignored Latvian ministry announced on Facebook rise of the Russian "People's Republic of Lattgallen" east of Latvia. Reportedly interested in the Estonian and Latvian while the media.

In both countries, living large Russian minority, but both non-existent pseudo-creation of the republic are probably produced in Russia as part of psychological warfare with the Baltic states.

In Stockholm, has just published a book called "Tools of destabilization, or tools of destabilization", dedicated to the Russian methods of disinformation and psychological pressure on the three Baltic republics.

As stated today Per Gudmundson, commentator of the Stockholm newspaper "Svenska Dagbladet", content appearing in social media are often the inspiration for journalists seeking sensationalism. An example is the Swedish autumn campaign against zagadkowemu submarine in the Stockholm area.

Facebook released - probably deliberately planted - a suggestion that it is a Dutch ship, who had practiced in the Baltic. This echoed a bogus version of the Swedish media. According Gudmundson social media are the ideal tool for promotion of lies prepared in the framework of psychological warfare.

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