Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How much can you earn on Facebook?

Social networking marketingowcami opened up completely new possibilities for branding and customer contact. These activities can also take care of the young freelancers and earn a little less from the big agencies. The lead fanpage on Facebook, you can earn up to several thousand per month.

Anyone who wants to start making money on running facebookowych profiles has at least two options: either to set up a fanpage and sell it along with observers, or conduct official business page and reap the financial benefits of the current placement of information and pictures related to its activities. For this option to use both social media agencies, as well as young, creative freelancers. We checked the market rate for such activities.

Only agencies can lead company profile?

It might seem that the work in the marketing company is reserved only for large advertising agencies. Small businesses do not always have, however, decide to services relating to the creation of communities of customers and fans on the internet. - It is believed that advertising agencies tend to have higher rates, so to them, guided by the company with bigger budgets - says Joanna Witek Svarte from the company, dealing with the image of companies on the Internet. - Small entrepreneurs are turning more and more often while young, who had moved in social networks.

Daria Cica engaged in such activities for 4 years. Although the leading non-profit private fanpage "I love illustration," it serves mainly to gain experience in the industry. - In my case, most of the orders I received as part of the command. I conducted at the beginning of the profile of the company of friends and then there were increasing more suggestions from other entrepreneurs - he says. Those who would like to start such activities on their own, the internet can easily find profiles of an external social channels on recruitment websites and advertising.
Working "on Facebook" is not just posting

Contrary to popular opinion, this offer does not apply only to inserting posts in the contractual frequencies. They require a professional contractor involvement and self-search information that theme will liaise with the company's profile. Such work is also related to the contact with the client - often a profile on Facebook is the first way to report problems or complaints related to services. - Dialogue and responding to what they write fans, is one of the most important part of this work, which usually begins after the so-called. "throwing Post" - says in an interview with Dominic Bankier.pl agency Wartecki Get More Social, whose clients include Allegro, MTV Poland and ING Bank Slaski.

What does the carrying profile in social media?
Current publishing information and content editing
Self-search or design graphics and photos for publication
Current service customer inquiries and responding to their entries
Campaigns in social media marketing
Seo Company on the web
Constant monitoring of the profile (with higher profiles)
comment moderation
Creating special events, competitions

It all depends on whether the client gives a free hand, and has strict preferences for posts to be published. Often discharged on the shoulders of the contractor is to search for suitable images or content on the web. The more niche industry, the more work awaits the person who manages your company profile on the internet.

Anyone who wants to take up such work, he must reckon with the fact that it requires the availability and developed soft skills and patience, which will certainly be useful in dealing with customers. The quality of such services is also influenced by the creativity and independence - sometimes one additional entry from the novelty of the industry can make a difference within that profile can achieve.

Are you running fanpage you can earn some extra money?

Rates of pay for maintaining one profile on Facebook are different. Zł 300 net per month in the case of smaller companies to amounts in excess of the national average for the profiles of larger entities. It all depends on what range of tasks will fall on the contractor. The question of whether you can keep up with the conduct of such profiles corresponds uniquely Daria Cica - yes. It is, however, in which case the count of the need to carry out several dozen fanpage'ów simultaneously, which may take a whole day. Such occupancy generates obligations as a full-time job, but with them comes a proportional wage.

Work on the Company profiles on social networking sites can be extremely lucrative, especially for people who can not afford to work full-time. Flexible working hours and high income tempting prospect, but willing should expect to engage and orient in the industry to achieve such earnings. However, despite popular opinion, Facebook creates not only an opportunity for loss of time, but it also offers possibilities to on their own wealth to take care of your portfolio.

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