Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Young resign from blogs and Twitter. Facebook and Youtube reign

Fewer and fewer people are using multiple social networking - in 2014 only 8 percent. 5 Internet users used the social services per month, while in 2013, 18 percent did so. - According to a report IRCenter research firm. The most popular sites in this category are in Poland, Facebook and YouTube.
Every sixth surfer on the Vistula uses Facebook daily, YouTube visit several times a week (33 percent.). Members of the other channels use them several times during the month. Despite constantly high popularity of the main social media, more and more Poles decide to abandon the active use of multiple services at the same time - mostly young people drop out of blogs and Twitter.
Blogs to rest?

In traditional social media generational change occurs gradually. Place the young (18-24 years) population major cities occupy young adults (24-34 years), living in the cities to 200 thousand. residents. This is a group of persons to which critical when making purchasing decisions are recommendations of friends.
Compared to last year, up by 11 percent. Less active Internet users read blogs declares min. once a month. The vast majority of them are young women (18-24 years), living in major urban centers in the country. Their place is taken by the older men (10 percent.).
Young surfers who abandon traditional social platform, declare an increased frequency of use of the mobile internet (20 percent.) Also grows Snapchatem interest, as well as Whatsapp and Vine.
The paradox Instagrama
Despite a slight decline in popularity (-1 percent) service Instagram increasingly involved every fourth Internet user in Poland (+2.5 per cent. More content than in 2013). Those who benefit from Instagrama at least once a month can be characterized as active and extremely well-oriented in social media. Virtually every of them use YouTube and Facebook, every 8 read blogs every 7 visits Twitter, and every 6 uses LinkedIn.
Despite the attraction of such a committed group of customers, service not entirely to the liking of young people and students (-9%). Their place is taken by a segment of "young adults" and the oldest Internet users (55+). The social media profiles more often involve people 55+.
The data come from a survey carried out by IRCenter "Social Media in Poland. 2014 ". The study is cyclical and is intended to measure trends in digital media consumption in Poland. Quantitative data were collected through CAWI research panel on a representative sample of 1,200 Internet users. Some data on the expression of users has been provided by SentiOne.

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