Sunday, 1 May 2016

Facebook will release 20 million for the protection of his boss

Is Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg (32 l.) Comprehend so strong fears that needs a big and expensive protection? And why, though, is a billionaire, does not pay for it myself, just makes doing your company?

And yet with what would he pay for his own safety. Zuckerberg on Friday enriched by as much as $ 4 billion. His fortune reached so enormous amount of 48 billion dollars. This jump is due the increase in stock prices after the publication of Facebook very good financial data for the first quarter of this year: the number of FB users in the world is 1.65 billion, stock exchange value of the company is 310 billion dollars., And profit for the first quarter of 2016. Reached 1 , $ 5 billion.

So we can understand that, like every rich man, and Zuckerberg must be protected. To these have been added recently threats from the Islamic State. However, it covers the costs of Facebook Zuckerberg protection. And business is praised.
Facebook, which Zuckerberg is considered as an irreplaceable person in the company, has just revealed that in the last year. Was paid $ 5 million. (Ie 20 million zł) for ensuring Zuckerbergowi quiet days and nights. It is most of all the companies listed on the list of 500 largest listed companies in the United States. Over the last three years, spending on the head FB amounted to 14.4 million dollars.

Zuckerberg protection package includes 16 bodyguards, traveling private jets, maintenance of alarm systems, cameras and other equipment in their residences. Head of security guards is a former Secret Service agent Secret Service protecting the US president and other important American politicians. Facebook chief security guards earn at least 80 thousand. dol. annually. Perhaps after the recent terrorist attacks in the world increased their salary - speculates German monthly Manager Magazin.

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