Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Facebook opens to the children?

Returns the controversial issue of access Facebook for children under 13 years of age. Community portal reportedly working on technology that will allow the youngest Internet users to use the service under the supervision of parents.

 The newspaper "The Wall Street Journal" cites an unnamed source, according to which Facebook is testing mechanisms that link your children with their parents' accounts, as well as the settings allow parents to decide with whom their children can make friends on the site and what applications they can use. Opening of the Forum for the youngest Internet users would give us a new group of users as well as another source of revenue. According to informants, "WSJ", a service of parents would like to charge for games and other entertainment content, which would benefit their children.
Currently, the use of Facebook by children under 13 age is officially permitted. However, in practice this limit is difficult to enforce because the site by registering the youngest Internet users often lie about their age.
 Last year, the organization Consumer Reports estimates that 7.5 million users of the service is less than 13 years, with over 5 million - less than 10 years.

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