Friday, 1 June 2012

The Canadian legend mobile device market is getting worse. RIM plans to lay off another 2000 employees, and managers who have worked in this company after several years, leave alone. Canadian products giant are becoming less popular. BlackBerry brand, which was a few years ago synonymous with luxury, high-tech equipment, sells worse.

RIM rescue the savings on various fronts and puts great hopes on a QNX-based BlackBerry system 10, which was presented at the BlackBerry World in early May. BB 10 is an innovative and productivity-oriented. Support for gestures in the new system, multitasking, the ability to customize the keyboard and an excellent application for taking pictures are features that can guarantee the success of this platform. But RIM needs to hurry - the sooner you introduce new smartphones on the market, the better, because the cuts and exemptions do not help to regain the top position, and only lower the value of the company and spoil opinion.

Whatever he does RIM BB 10, he has silenced the rumors about alleged plans to take over a Canadian manufacturer of mobile ... we have heard already that Chrapek for RIM Samsung, Microsoft, and the wave of recent events for this scenario, the media are trying to przypasowańá Facebook. Zuckerberg's company is ideally suited to the role of savior of the RIM-u, since it intends to produce its own phones, and do not have a clue, and the lack of money can not complain. The only question is whether, if the BlackBerry 10 does not succeed, you will have what to buy?

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