Monday, 4 June 2012

Facebook is looking for new sources of profit

IPO the most popular social networking site much disappointed investors. One possibility is to reassure shareholders mobilize the revenue from the rapidly growing market for mobile services and applications. Experts argue, however, that Facebook still does not know how to profit from this segment, and haste may imperil the safety of millions of users.

With Facebook already uses more than 900 million people around the world. The number of portal users is second only to Google. Analysts however, point out that, since his greatest popularity model of the Forum has not changed significantly. Still it is based on a commitment to traditional methods of communication with the user (desktops, laptops).Cofnij zmiany

In the broad IT sector in the meantime there are great changes. More and more people want to use these services using the tablets, smart phones or regular phones. According Tripa Chowdhry'ego with Global Equities Research, lack of innovation in Facebook does not result from the fact underestimate the potential market for mobile applications by Mark Zuckerberg and top management concern. I just do not have a clear strategy for business use of new opportunities.

"Facebook for a long time should have developed a plan for ongoing development of mobile services." - Says Chowdhry. For a company that went public a short time and its value fell by billions of dollars of such delays are unacceptable.

The need to reassure shareholders and the pressure to achieve better results may lead to a chaotic, ill-considered action. You can expect to see more information about the plans for the acquisition of companies whose products even more zintegrowaƂaby Internet users with Facebook and encourage advertisers to be more active.

Much is said about the desire to purchase the Opera browser. In April this year. billion dollar Facebook took Instagram. Many analysts have so far not understand why the board as a giant Facebook has paid money for a small company. Similar, jerky movements in the future may be hard to explain to a very pragmatic shareholders.

Chowdhry predicts that the real problem (this time for the users themselves) can occur when Facebook will want to enter the world of mobile payments. According to the analyst, this segment has significant growth potential, estimated at several billion dollars. The giant's purchase of a company specializing in developing applications to use mobile payments will not be a problem.

Global Equities Research Specialist fears of trouble with the provision of an adequate level of protection for such transactions. Recall that in 2010, Facebook was caught in the fact that its users transmit data producers to the application, provided by the community portal.

Although Opera Mini is a very good web browser for mobile devices, its market share is small. Perhaps, instead of issuing another billion dollars for the purchase of Opera, it would be worthwhile to invest in its own open platform.

In a world which will soon dominate HTML5, Facebook should develop their own publishing platform applications, adapted to the needs of both the developer and the requirements of browsers. Such a platform should enable suppliers to create applications using their choice of tools (Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Adobe Systems, open source, etc). Subsequently, these applications would be easily placed in any stores. "- Says Chowdhry.

Such a solution would open up Facebook for multi-vendor and further enhance your business potential.

The media constantly reports about the work of the experts on their own Facebook smartphone. According to Global Equities Research analyst realization of this idea would be a mistake, and the whole initiative would have ended like the history of the Nexus One.

Recall that the smartphone market failure Nexus One was not associated with technological niedopracowaniem or poor quality equipment. Google specialists simply did not have an idea how to integrate Nexus One of the mobile services and at the same time compete with powerful mobile operators.

Currently, Google efforts are focused on the development of the Android mobile platform and that the company is successful. Chowdhry believes that so should the Facebook - do not enter the market in which all do not know.

In that same vein, other experts speak out, who almost ironically refer to plans to build facebookowego smartphone named "Buffy". To facilitate the work on this project Facebook has hired several engineers who once worked at Apple. Analysts agree that success in a competitive and very difficult market mobile services requires the work of many visionaries, experts and enthusiasts of new technologies. In addition, the smartphone was its own competitor to Apple's mobile solutions. Meanwhile, the works on increased integration with the platform iOS Facebook.

It is difficult to accurately predict what direction will the Facebook. Much will depend on the financial results that will be made public in July. This will be an opportunity to the first, in-depth analysis of the entry Facebook IPO.

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