Friday, 1 June 2012

The great stock market debut of Facebook among analysts caused a slight disappointment. The initial share price set at $ 38 after the start of rotation quickly jumped up to as much as $ 45, but then just as quickly dropped it and began to sharp fluctuations. According to commentators, this is the result below expectations, according to which the price was increased to 45, and maybe even $ 50 per share.

The ceremonial opening of the NASDAQ was the Friday session at 9:30 local time in New York. Traditional bell ringing has made the creator and head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, but he did it in less traditional way, namely remotely from Facebook headquarters in California.

Facebook moves on the dance floorAs early as next Mon ... read more »Start trading in shares of the giant-rookie was to take place, according to first reports, 1.5 hours later, at 17 Polish time. There was, however, half-hour delay.It could be better

Start of Facebook stock trading was in line with expectations, there have been sharp increase in their value. Within less than an hour reached up to $ 45. But it was short-lived, because their value after a while, fell almost to the initial level and began to vary from 39 to 41 dollars.

This result is worse than expected, which assumed a price of 45 or even $ 50 per unit. Experts expect that Facebook will buy shares mainly small investors, tempted by the fame of the company and the atmosphere of excitement around the ads generated by the media.

Bono richest musician in the world?The leader of the band U2 - B. .. read more »Great, however, investors are skeptical - they do not see prospects for huge profits, because they doubt whether Facebook will continue to grow. He cites the example here of Microsoft, which at some point ceased to innovate. It should be noted that Facebook did not solve the problem of reaping revenues from advertisements placed on its website that are not visible on the small mobile electronic devices, are increasingly used by customers.In addition, Facebook became interested in the U.S. Congress in connection with the maneuvers of the company in order to reduce their taxes, using the opportunity to purchase shares by employees at preferential prices. The corporation could receive a refund of corporate taxes to the amount of $ 500 million.

United fetaRegardless of the debut of Facebook was the most anticipated event of this kind on the Nasdaq for years. Experts agree - the value of the stock exchange was founded eight years ago, the company can outperform such giants as Disney and Ford. May 16 portal already announced that in connection with the great demand for it increases the supply of shares by 25 percent. - Up to 421 million shares.

It has been speculated that the price of the "FB" - because with this exact name debut wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg - will be 34-38 dollars. Giant in the market of social networking sites eventually put on the upper limit. This means that all the initial public offering (IPO) will be worth 18.4 billion dollars. In the history of U.S. stock market began only better known for cashless payment systems Visa's (19.7 billion dollars. In March 2008).

Behind Facebook was such General Motors (18.1 billion dollars.). Interestingly, the largest U.S. car maker announced Tuesday that it would cease to advertise on the site Zuckerberg.

He rejected the offer
Facebook worth nearly $ 100 billionFacebook set prices ... read more »A brilliant computer scientist and a man with a head for business seven years ago he could sell his property. Then the great emerging FB wanted to buy the company MTV Networks. Offered 75 million dollars. Such amount to Harvard did not impress. Just as significantly higher later he received from Microsfotu. - It's not about price. That's my baby and I want to develop them - insisted Zuckerberg.

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