Friday, 1 June 2012

NO FACEBOOK, and Microsoft?

ust three days ago we informed you that Facebook is serious about the acquisition of Skype, and its largest competitor in this matter is owned by Google (more on this: here). But those plans quickly changed, because today (as reported by The Wall Street Journal) for the game entered the third giant - Microsoft, which from the outset disqualified competition by offering $ 7 billion for Skype.

Buying Skype - a service that connects millions of users around the world through the Internet and video conferencing conversations - Microsoft to provide a recognizable brand on the Internet at a time when it is very difficult for new users and encourage them to use their own products.

So far, Microsoft has invested heavily in the promotion and development of its own Internet search engine - Bing, so that competition (Google Inc.). Reached only 65% of the search market in the U.S..

The amount of close to $ 8 billion that Microsoft is going to pay for Skype, will be the largest expense in the history of American giant for over 36 years. As a reminder, in 2007, Microsoft paid $ 6 billion to acquire aQuantive Inc. - a company offering online advertising. Many current and past Microsoft executives said their company has significantly overpay for transactions, but fortunately this is not reflecting in their pay.

Now the main question to you: Which of these three companies (Facebook, Microsoft, Google) widzielibyƛcie as the owner of Skype, and why?Cofnij zmiany

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