Monday, 15 April 2013

How to install Facebook Home on the smartphone with Android?

Facebook Home arouses a lot of interest among people who make intensive use of the possibilities of this most popular social networking site. For now officially have the ability to install only some users. How to install the application on your Android smartphone?

Facebook Home was presented along with the HTC First - in both cases there were leaks, which indicated that the Prime Minister is already really close. So far the availability is quite limited - opportunity to buy the first model of HTC's Facebook Home to only customers in the USA (network AT & T), and access to the application in the Android Market (and hence the ability to install) are the owners of several models.

Facebook for Android Home

So far, Facebook Home is only compatible with models of HTC One X, HTC One X +, the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II. Theoretically, these are very popular models of smartphones, but the rest of the owners of Android devices must show patience. An attempt to install Facebook Home on other devices ended errors or incorrect operation of the program.

Quite surprising, however, is that some of the holders of such HTC One X, the Galaxy S III is facing serious problems with the proper functioning of the application, despite the fact that it should be fully compatible - most definitely not work notice. The good news is the fact that independent developers have prepared a Facebook Home so that it can be installed also be available for other devices.

Installing the FB Home

If you have an Android smartphone simply download and unpack the archive here all APK files. Before installing them, it is necessary to remove the Home Facebook application, Facebook Messenger, and Facebook Pages. After unpacking the downloaded files install programs - com.facebook.katana, com.facebook.home, then com.facebook.orca.apk, which is available here. After this process, we should be able to incorporate the new interface in the application settings on Facebook. If you have problems starting, you need to restart the device. If you are still not working as it should, you might want to delete the dalvik cache, but in this case, we need to have root and install recovery.

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