Saturday, 13 April 2013

Facebook Home is paid. What is it?

Today, April 12, Facebook will make official its launcher for Android devices - Home. For all waiting impatiently for the new service, I have one message - be careful what you are installing.
Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook Home service last week and I must admit that I am intrigued. The presentation of Home looked very nice and brand new chat facebookowy, pop in a variety of applications can be simply very comfortable.

Zuckerberg announced that Facebook app update for Android is available at Google Play April 12. So, today. So I sit in the morning and look over resources Google's app store, and every now and then check if the update is already there (hint: it still does not have).

Update might not have, but I found the Facebook app Home, available on Google Play for $ 1

Honestly Program has been prepared by Facebook, Inc.. I read the description of the program - yes, just waiting for these functions in the morning. Screenshots can confirm - just about the Facebook Home is all about. So why the application is paid?

This question is only one answer: because it was developed by Facebook. Just look at the descriptions of other applications developed by service Zuckerberg:

- Programs such as Messenger, prepared by Facebook. No Facebook Inc..

- The right one Facebook is labeled as Google Play as a "Top Developer". Such designations are other trusted companies such as Google, Spotify or Disney. Facebook Inc. has no markings

- If you have not enough to look at the "For Developers" at the alleged Facebook Home. Contact and website developer in any way did not like of facebook.

So be careful what you are installing. 1$ it's not a fortune, but it is not worth giving a cheat. The more that the alleged Facebook Home "weighs" only 1.03 MB.

These cases remind us of defects open Android. Finally, Google app store does not carry any pre-verify that the programs themselves, or programmers. Application can throw back any. As the example of Facebook Home - sometimes run the risk of not only this, the application will simply failed. We run the risk that someone will want to extort money from us.


It seems that a fake Facebook Home probably has already been removed from Google Play. Enjoy quick response from Google employees, but we have no guarantee that such fraud will not be repeated in the future yet.

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