Thursday, 25 April 2013

Facebook Home is of great interest. The question is whether we will actually use it

New Facebook Home - a special launcher's largest social networking site on Android - has been downloaded more than half a million times. And in just a few days.
Facebook Home was released in Google Play store on April 12. At first they could be installed only residents of the United States. But on April 17 Facebook possible installation launcher worldwide.

And it turns out that from April 12 Facebook Home has been downloaded by users of Android phones over 500 000 times. It's a pretty good result - especially considering the fact that the Home can be installed only on selected Android devices, not on all models. The problem may be that the application gets then rather weak assessment of the application store Google Play.

I use Facebook Home by less than a week. I still think that:

- The content of Facebook presents great

- A new feature in Messenger or chat heads, is the perfect solution

- Navigate the phone after installing the Facebook Home at the beginning it gets a little complicated. Especially if you set a screen lock code.

- Do not know if Facebook Home stay long on my phone. Besides the fact that just looks nice, it does not imply a specially high added value.

So the question is - how many of the 500 000 who have downloaded the application on your phone, it will continue to use it after two weeks.

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