Monday, 15 April 2013

Facebook Home on any smartphone with Android - thanks to hack

You are delighted to Facebook Home? Regret, however, that your smartphone is not on the supported list? Something can be done about it.
Since April 12, U.S. users can download Facebook Home. What is it? As Joanna Sosnowska wrote:

From now on, Facebook for Android will be available not only from the application. This will happen at the same time the main screen and a window that will wyskakiwało when using different applications.

Facebook Home has officially work for the time being only on selected Android devices (including HTC and Samsung Galaxy First SIII). This fact is not to the liking of many people. But there is good news - XDA Developers forum members have found a workaround. More specifically theos0o found.

Are you interested in a hook that allows you to install the Facebook Home on any Android device? Before we go any further, remember that this is not an official solution, you do so at your own risk. Is also not known whether the service will operate at 100% in Poland.

Having already behind us, here's how:

Uninstall the original applications, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Facebook Home (if you installed it). If they are pre-installed, you'll probably have to, unfortunately, "rootować" phone.
Extract the files. Rar (you can find them here and here).
Install com.facebook.katana (Facebook application), then com.facebook.home (Facebook Home).
Install the com.facebook.orca.apk (Messenger).
Activate using Facebook Home Facebook application settings.
If you encounter problems, start the phone in recovery mode (recovery) and wipe Dalvik cache.
While Facebook Home should work after this process on any device with Android, it is worth remembering that the lack of support can mean that the overlay operation will be slow and faulty. Well, it is worth considering whether we really want Facebook Home - a new program does not collect too good ratings.

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