Thursday, 4 April 2013

Facebook changed again! Are you happy?

We just had time to get used to the timeline on Facebook, and here again we endow change! The first page of the world's largest social networking site to be more pictorial. This means that images, graphics and videos will now be much larger in proportion to the rest of the page elements

- Stories around us deserve to be the depicted not only as a text - said Mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook. What does this mean? Photos, graphics and videos will be much larger in proportion to the rest of the page elements.

According to TVN, it also has to be entered several parallel "feeds," or streams of messages. Currently there is only one, in the future, they display next to each other at the same time information about activities such as friends, post their pictures and some information from such business profiles. Users have the flexibility to set up these streams. Facebook has to be a more readable on mobile phones.

So far not yet announced when the changes will be placed on the portal. One of the main concerns is that the new Facebook users will be attacked more visible promotional materials.
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