Thursday, 4 April 2013

Facebook Home on HTC smartphone. See how they look!

The network first leaked renders facebookowej overlay for Android, which officially will see tonight. It promises to be interesting.

Thanks to blogger @ evleaks and service 9to5Google before we launch to see how Facebook Home on a dedicated smartphone. Android a new look, tailored to social networking, where - as a whole can be described in a nutshell.

System (if you can call it a modification of an independent OS-I) will be presented today at 19:00 our time. All indications are that partner with Facebook in "facebookoizacji" Android is HTC. So we expect the debut of a new smartphone. The two names circulating network: Myst HTC or HTC First. It is possible that the naming issue due to the phonetic similarity. Certainly in terms of a single device.

HTC First by @ evleaks / evleaks
What is Facebook Home? Overlay, graphical user interface (UI), launcher - it is possible that it comes to all of these options. A very likely scenario is a deep integration of social services with the overlay system, and the debut of the mechanism of user authentication based on the profile of Facebook. Replacement solution based on Google services your offer, some have successfully used in the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Facebook is not back in the form of its own applications store, so probably interference in Android will be slightly smaller.

Applications on Facebook Home
What can we expect from HTC Myst / First? Smartphone as indicated by the leaks, the mid-range device. 4.3-inch screen, dual-core processor, and a fairly average specification (which can count) affordable price.

HTC has already experimented with the concept of the so-called. Facebook Phone, but memorable HTC Cha Cha did not achieve great success. Paradoxically, then run the firmware uszytego as headphones, and support from Facebook. This time, thanks to the contained cyrografowi can be quite different.

Details will be announced tonight!

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