Saturday, 13 April 2013

Facebook will put icons to express your mood

A new kind of emotes going on Facebook. The first users have already have them on their profiles. See how they look.

On the web there have been reports of Facebook users, who observed in their profiles completely new feature, namely a special emotes for the determination of what kind of mood we are now.

So far they are only available for the users, but we can expect that sooner or later they will come at all. Emoticons will be able to add status to tell friends that you are happy, sad, tired, etc.

It is possible that new emoticons for Facebook will be a tool for more precise targeting advertising tailored to your mood. And it is certainly not all will like it.
A new feature Facebook used to express the mood for the first time we've heard in February. Then there was, however, only during the closed beta, and now beginning to realize the normal users. And that means only one thing: the new is coming.

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