Wednesday, 22 May 2013

HTC First spectacular failure tandem Facebook - HTC

Facebook a long time preparing for the launch of its smartphone, hoping that users of the portal will run to the stores and will start to buy in bulk quantities. Unfortunately, it miscalculated.

HTC First, also called Facebookofonem, the first official phone dedicated Facebookowi, whose sales in the United States deals with operator AT & T. Initially the phone with the contract cost $ 99, but the lack of interest from consumers prompted the operator to introduce a drastic reduction in the price and that's after only a month. Currently HTC First you can buy for less than a burger, or $ 0.99.

Worse reduction did not help at all, because according to media reports, has sold just 15,000 units, so AT & T has decided to opt out of further sales of this model and confirmed that the items that no one bought, will be returned to the manufacturer.

HTC First was to be hit, and was a spectacular failure, and its sales were even worse than the failed model of HTC Chacha launched in 2011. For Facebook this news is a serious blow, especially since the recently released Facebook application Home, also not is of particular interest. The Sims Social Hack 2013

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