Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Facebook and Marketplace, a year later, it's time to take stock

18 May 2012 Facebook went public with a set price per share at $ 38. Today, after years stay in the global financial markets, social equity giant faces worse than the day of the premiere, but recent records are not the lowest in the short trading history of facebook.
Stock market debut of Facebook, when you set the entry price per share was $ 38 did not bring about a revolution, as predicted by most analysts, the market price of the shares during the session only slightly exceeded the $ 40, and finally at the end of the IPO remain higher than the opening price by a few cents.
The next day the crew had much to disappoint Zuckerberg, in a relatively short period of time a single company's stock price soared down to the level of $ 17.55, but it was the moment when the giant bounced off the bottom and began an arduous march upward.DoubleDown Casina Hack

To this day, Facebook did not recover the value that was calculated on an IPO. Closing of the first year as a public company appointed at the level of the share price of 26.25 USD. This means that 30.9 percent decrease compared to the input value of 18 May 2012. Down 30.9 percent per year may seem a significant loss, but remember that the stock market has a much higher risk and higher volatility than the bond market and other banking products and financial services. In turn, those who have purchased shares in social networking giant at a time when they were on the "hole" in less than a year, gained almost 50%. Hack

In the last quarter of Facebook had revenues higher than expected by market analysts, to € 1.46 billion. Today's valuation of Facebook closes in the amount of 63.47 billion dollars. This huge money, but a year ago, on the first day, the company was valued at $ 104 billion. However, despite the initial revaluation, most analysts are agreed on the fact that devaluation is not a de facto loss, but the actual rate card adjustments social networking giant's market power. During the stay in the public market, Facebook has changed, it has become a company with lots of cash, profits steadily increasing revenues, working with manufacturers in the telecommunications industry, while continually expanding its core business is still adding new features. Those who hoped that Facebook is a bubble that will burst soon, slightly miscalculated.

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