Friday, 10 May 2013

Facebook buys "vase" for a billion dollars?

The most popular social networking site is trying to broaden its range of new functionality. I recently took a huge amount so Instagram, and now a one billion U.S. dollars is going to buy Israeli company Waze.

Waze is specialized in the production of social maps, which selects the most interesting places to visit. Its products each year are becoming increasingly popular. Back in July 2012 were about 20 million users, but now their number is estimated at about 47 million, with approximately 30 percent of the Americans, and the rest are residents of other countries.

Purchase Waze would be very expensive, because according to the sources (each tells a different amount, and the lack of official data), Facebook would have to pay for the new purchase of 800 million to as much as $ 1 billion. However, negotiations on the acquisition of Waze, has reportedly started six months ago.

The new company can help Facebookowi spread its wings in the mobile sector, which currently has 751 million users per month, and this number is growing by tens of percent a year.

Facebook is not the only company interested in acquiring Waze. Recently it was said that it is interested in buying Apple, but nothing came of it. It is very strange that Waze is the author of a significant part of the technology behind Apple Maps, and so purchase the company would be a logical step.

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