Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Facebook is no longer cool? Too much on the parents and the plain of Contents

Do you have Facebook? Sure you have. The highest percentage of users are still teenagers who more often treat Facebook as ... chore rather than fun. This conclusion of the report, which examined the approach of American youth to the service brand Zukcerberga.

The report produced by the think tank Pew Research Center shows the results obtained after examining in September 2012 with 802 Americans from 12 to 17 years. The authors found that adolescents often continue to use Facebook, but changes her attitude at the same time to the portal.

A few years ago it was considered fairly common among teenagers fascinating place to establish or strengthen relationships. Now more and more young people consider activity on Facebook only for my duty. It irritates them include "Control" site for parents and saturation of its pages with unnecessary information. As a result, they do not receive interesting content, and we must be careful not to publish comments inconvenient for them.

At the same time expanding the group of young users of other social networking sites. Although current statistics are not bad for Facebook (in 2012 was used by 94 percent of surveyed teens who have used such services, in 2011 - 93 percent), the attention is quickly growing interest in Twitter and Instagramem.

In 2011, "ćwierkało" only 12 percent of concerned American youth social networks. A year later, this figure had grown to 26 percent. With Instagramu benefited in the past year and 11 percent of young Americans. 12 months earlier photographic community service was not even classified in the statement.

Facebook authorities do not believe that the problem raised by the report was serious. At a recent meeting with investors argued that teenagers are still willing to engage in a life of service. Some stakeholders are concerned, however, that Facebook is slowly starting to lose young users.

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