Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Estimated 708 line driver. "Moved with Facebook, which gave the blind leading the bus

"Yes, I have been taught," said Warsaw's only public transport driver when passengers applause rewarded him for the fact that seeing a pedestrian crossing on the blind, got behind the wheel and helped him get to the tram stop. It is normal? Probably not, since the attitude of the driver has become one of the most interesting topics in Polish Facebook.

Polubień eighteen thousand, more than four favorable comments. This caused a stir on Facebook-friendly description of the ordinary kind gesture, which made the driver leading the Warsaw public transport in the last Saturday of the 708th bus In the vicinity of the street Wołczyński vehicle stopped for a moment to get out and help the blind man who had trouble crossing the pedestrian crossing. When the driver back behind the wheel, surprised passengers applause rewarded him, and he just simply said that as it was raised.

One of the passengers of the course, however, was 708 lines so moved that he decided to share this on Facebook:

passenger line 708
Estimates for the driver line 708

Estimates do not like the word, but I use it to emphasize that I want to express something more than just respect. And the estimate for the 708 line bus drivers, who on Saturday just after 19 behaved with great class to stop Wólczyńska / Chomiczówka Popiel. The Lord saw the blind man, trying to get to the other side of the street he stopped the bus, got out and moved to the tram stop in need. Touched me, I started clapping. "This taught me" - said modestly and drove off. I hope for all of us, such behavior was the norm. READ MORE

The interest in this gesture on the network grew so large that in the capital today, the Board of Public Transport is looking for the driver who did the Warsaw public transport good publicity. - We agree that a carefully driver. It should go without even number side. For now, we know that works for a company Mobilis - ZTM quotes spokesman, Igor Krajnowa portal.

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