Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Facebook: Sponsored search results and a new look for messages

Changes, changes, changes. Zuckerberg has traditionally Facebook in the ongoing beta, which has its good and bad sides. Last batch of changes will apply to the message window, and sponsored search results.
The new look of the message is to allow comfortable use of poczty@facebook.com, news, and chat in one place. What happened to the good news. In addition, Facebook will introduce keyboard shortcuts, which is also useful functionality. It is not known what specific functionality will hide the shortcuts. Well, maybe except that the list of keyboard shortcuts will cause the Alt + Q (Ctrl + Q for Macs) A modest number of users of social networking sites have access to the new interface messages from yesterday, in the next week update will be introduced around the world .

Good news Zuckerberg boasts the Newsroom Facebook. Of those not very pleasant for the users we need to find out from other sources. As is clear from an e-mail that was sent out by the PR-men Facebook to some advertising agencies, and which reached TechCrunch, a social networking site launched yesterday Sponsored search results. Let's take a look at it:
- Today we launched Sponsored search results and would like to share with you the details of the product. Every day, many people on Facebook using our search engine to find people, places and things. We would like to help them in finding their relevant products, brands and services. Sponsored search results give brands the possibility to buy ads on search results which will translate into a greater awareness of users and applications move to the state, or the place. Sponsored results offer:
First Increased state news distribution, placing it in one of the most used features Facebook.
Second Possibility of sending the message to the target group, which is looking for your brand, so you see between related applications, pages, and sites.
3rd Flexibility in adjusting the target landing page, for example, a specific tab on the country side.
With this product there will be no diversion outside of Facebook, you will be redirected to a specific page, bookmark or application.
Sponsored Results will be available today in the Power Editor, in the later hours.
Compared to a solution that has been tested before, the ads in the search results are now clearly separated from the normal results. You can also (apparently) to hide a particular advertisement. This does not change the fact that this ad is the first in the search results.

Unfortunately for Facebook, sponsored search results can still be a lot less useful to advertisers than Google analogous. Usually, if you've been searching for something that Facebook is a very particular person, event or company. Unlikely that by displaying sponsored result manages to distract you from what you are looking for. Even if the ad will be on the top of the results. In the search for Google products and services will continue to have the upper hand. This does not mean that you can not try to compete with them.

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