Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Facebook fast food as an emotional

"A long time ago me and my husband every night before going to bed instead of on the Facebook post, we talked. I must admit that I miss it ... ┼╗ona_22". So begins the book by Melanie Gideon search for intimacy in today's world.

Alice Buckle is a wife, mother of two teenagers and entuzjastce Facebook. When Alice decides to participate in an anonymous online survey about marriage in the twenty-first century, does not suspect how much it will change her life.

- This book shows a very interesting sociological phenomenon: the substitution of another person close proximity to the virtual, which is emotional for me today fast food - says

Although the story concerns a middle-aged woman, according to the psychologist describes a problem with the younger generation - teenagers I work with want to be popular on social networking sites, and for them, the more friends network, and more "zalajkowanych" pictures the better mood. Unfortunately, this is done only in the virtual world, and does not correlate with joint meetings in the real world.

He is the author of the bestselling memoir "The Slippery Year," recognized as the best book of 2009 by the American radio station NPR and the "San Francisco Chronicle". She wrote for the "New York Times", "San Franci

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