Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Published a photo of Palestinian boy in a pinch. A wave of outrage in Israel and Palestine

Sparked a wave of indignation Israeli soldier who posted via Instagram app facebookowej photograph, showing, as it seems, back of the head Palestinian boy as seen through the viewfinder optical rifle. Israeli army announced an investigation.

Israeli media have established that the picture put on the internet 20-year-old conscript, assigned to the Israel-occupied West Bank.

The representatives of the Palestinian Authority condemned the incident. According to them, it shows that the Israelis think they can be unpunished. - Every Palestinian mother worried about her child because of the image that is now known throughout the world - the Palestinian government spokeswoman said Noor Odeh.

- This photo raises just disgust and dehumanizing. It embodies the idea that Palestinian children are the target - in turn, said Palestinian activist Ali Abuminah, who runs the "Electronic Intifada".

The storm broke about the whole thing is also to Israel. Israeli army veterans group identified the photograph as a "ridiculous show of force", while criticizing a system that allows you to "aim the gun in the direction of a child just to make 'cool image', which is to bring the popularity of the Internet," - says the U.S. website "The Huffington Post ".

Reuters notes that can not be confirmed in independent sources, the photo was taken in the West Bank and the boy, which you can see on it is Palestinian. However, Israeli forces have stressed that it is contrary to their "values ​​and ethics".

American ABC News notes that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are very active in social media, which are used to warm the image and contact with the public. However, the activity of individual soldiers on the network once wpędzała Israeli army in trouble.

In November, the IDF spokesman came under fire when posted a photo of his muddy face with the caption "Obama style". In turn, in 2010, sparked outrage one of rezerwistek, posting pictures of Palestinian prisoners blindfolded. The Army has identified then her behavior as "disgraceful" - read on the website of ABC News.

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