Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Facebook is testing a new feature "Sell"

Have something to sell? Click the "Sell Something" and place your ad on Facebook.

The largest social networking site in the world has just introduced an additional feature - "Sell Something" or "Sell". For now, the tests are carried out on a small, selected group of users.

It is possible, however, that Facebook users will soon also in Poland, rather than post an ad on OLX.pl or gumtree.pl, will be able to sell their unwanted items through the US social networking site.

As reported by Facebook, the issue of a product or service to sell is done only in the context of the so-called. groups, or private spaces where you can share specific audience information, photos, documents, and send them messages.

When you click "Sell Something" opens a special box where you can type the name of the item being sold, its description, specify price, post photos, as well as additional information on eg. The delivery options.

Facebook reserves at the same time, it is not a party to the transaction, and for the only responsible course of the seller and buyer.

Facebook already at the end of 2014. launched the option of shopping from the posts. When you click "Buy Now" customers will be automatically upgraded to the online shop of the seller. The button is visible on the site right next to the button "Like".

With the possibility of adding to their profiles facebookowych the "Shop Now" or "Buy now", the company will benefit first from the United States. In 2015, the function will be available for online retailers worldwide.

Among the social networks as the first opportunity to go shopping introduced Twitter. A new feature debuted in September 2014..

For now, purchases using the "Buy Now" can make are US Twitter users. Special buttons are placed at some of the entries. Twitter is currently working with retailers such as Burberry and Home Depot, and artists such as Wiz Khalifa, and Megadeth.

The new service shopping is very simple. Everything is done on Twitter without having to go to the manufacturer's website. Just that users click the "buy now", and then bring the delivery address and payment method. The order is automatically sent to the retailer who carries them out.

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