Monday, 5 May 2014

Facebook buys glasses transferring to a virtual reality. For two billion U.S. dollars

$ 2 billion for Facebook bought the company Oculus VR, which deals with the creation of virtual reality techniques. But mostly is known for special glasses Oculus Rift, which can be used in simulation games.

Facebook has announced that the $ 2 billion bought Oculus VR . Californian company specializes in products for creating virtual reality . Its flagship products are the glasses Oculus Rift , which are a set of simulated digital reality video game . Mark Zuckerberg , head of Facebook , said that the technology Oculus " can change the way we work , play and communicate ." Glasses Rift not yet hit the market, but even before the premiere commissioned by over 75 thousand . people.

Platform of Tomorrow

Head of Facebook announced that it plans to expand the technology Oculus , and then used in systems designed for communication, entertainment and education.

- Mobile phones are a communication platform today , and we are preparing to create platforms of tomorrow - Zuckerberg said , commenting on the latest purchase . The creator of the popular social networking site added that Oculus has a chance to become the "most social networking platform in history and can change how we communicate now ."

Interestingly , in December last year, Oculus VR obtained from Andreessen Horowitz fund $ 75 million grant for the placing on the market of virtual glasses. The product has also be developed so that it can be used in education, films , and architectural design . For now, Oculus Rift glasses are directed primarily to the players. They allow the user to literally " feel " as if it was inside the virtual world of the computer game. However, they can be easily adapted to control e.g., military drones . And now use them in training NASA astronauts who with the help of exercise equipment on the surface of the digital preservation of Mars.

The equipment weighs about 400 grams. By imposing such glasses can move and look around in real time in the digital world. The technology allows freedom of movement in virtual reality , because the image is adjusted to the human eye, presented in 3D space reacts and changes with each movement , creating a sensation of natural , such as walking or swimming . The device can be purchased through the official website of the manufacturer for $ 350 apiece.
large purchases

Last month, Facebook gave 19 billion dollars to buy WhatsApp . This application for mobile devices , which easily allows you to send short messages , photos and videos . You can download it for free. Free is also the first year of use. Later, the use of the applications you have to pay 99 cents for each 12 months. What is important in the application does not have ads. Currently, the application has 450 million monthly active users and 320 million per day .

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